Web Design
You can increase the security and institutionality of your site by getting professional support from the Linq Social team.
1. Mobile Compatible Website Design
We prepare a website design compatible with all devices with its responsive feature.
2. Speed
We build fast websites that respond instantly to clicks.
3. SEO Compliance
After finishing the website design, we organize the basic SEO settings of the site and then deliver your site to you.
Web Design
A properly designed website gives you a lot.

Corporate identity

A stylish and appropriately designed website contributes to creating a corporate brand image.

Industry Compliance

Offer your customers the right option with a website that is best designed for your industry.


With a corporate website, you start branding by not falling behind your competitors in the sector. By increasing your brand awareness, you reach potential customers.


A website that reflects your corporate identity, containing your company’s information and the quality of the work you do, will provide trust in your company for your customers.



Through digital marketing, we help companies grow in many parts of the world.