Search Engine Marketing
Google Ads ( SEM )
With Google ads, we provide potential customers who search on the Google search engine to show your brand's product and service at the lowest budgets and realize your sales targets.
1. Account Setup
Linq Social sets up your ad accounts based on the searches made by potential customers.
2. Management
Linq Social optimizes your ads based on keywords that get the most conversions.
3. Reporting
Linq Social transparently reports the profitability of search ads, clicks and impressions.
Search Engine Marketing

Google Search Ads

After the Google search network advertising efforts, we will take your place in the Google search results and bring you together with your target audience.

Google Display Ads

We will deliver you to your potential customers after we have done the visual and text studies in accordance with our strategy.

Google Remarketing

We will increase your conversion rates by retargeting people who have visited your website before.

Google Shopping Ads

With Google shopping ads, we will show the images and prices of the products in your e-commerce site in the Google search results.

YouTube Video Ads

We will bring your right video content to the right audience and increase your brand awareness.

Gmail Ads

Thanks to Gmail advertising efforts, we will achieve maximum conversions with minimum budget.

Increases Brand Awareness
Increases Your Website Traffic
Creates Direct Sales Opportunity
Provides Effective and Quick Results

How Does Our System Work?


In line with your brief, our team analyzes your industry and your competitors, and as a result, delivers the most appropriate digital marketing management for your business.


The digital marketing roadmap reaches our digital marketing team. Our digital marketing team performs the tasks in this roadmap for you.


We inform you at every stage. We control every stage with both our marketing system and our team.


We send you monthly reports regularly, our customer experts contact you and you evaluate the reports together.